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Our private English courses

Private and semi-private English courses

To make rapid progress in English, private or semi-private courses are the best solution. Whether one-on-one with a teacher or in a very small group, you can take personalized lessons and perfect your skills in the areas of your choice in just a few weeks.

Private lessons

The 45-minute private lessons are given by certified teachers who are all native English speakers. This type of lesson is ideal for people who want to achieve a specific goal. To prepare for an exam, to get up to speed before a stay abroad or to improve your skills as part of your professional activty. This teaching also allows you to take advantage of online exercises and resources to help you improve between lessons. Courses can be taken every day at any time of the day. Contact us for more information

Semi-private courses

Similar to private lessons, semi-private lessons give you the opportunity to progress in English as a group. With friends, family members or as a couple according to your needs, this format has the advantage of facilitating conversations and allowing you to progress at the same pace. This is a totally flexible offer: you can choose how to organize your lessons, the number of weekly courses and their timetables. Customized online courses can also be taken if you do not have the opportunity to travel to our Wall Street English centre.

The advantages of Wall Street English

By following these teachings, you benefit from Wall Street English's exclusive English method based on listening and repetition. You can ask any questions you want and your progress is regularly monitored. WSE training centres allow you to be immersed in a 100% English-speaking and stimulating environment. The English courses offered are suitable for students of all levels, both adults and students who want to go further than the programmes taught at the school. Learning English with Wall Street English is an excellent way to prepare for recognized language tests such as the Cambridge exams.