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Course prices

All study programmes are carefully tailored to your individual goals and abilities.

The prices of our courses depend directly on the intensity and length of study you choose.

  • You only pay for what you learn
  • We will never charge you for any of your excused absences
  • If you can't make a class, you won't miss a class, our instructors will always pick up where you left off

In the price of each course you also get

  • Online learning materials and access to the school intranet
  • A timetable that you can set yourself
  • Guarantee of reaching the level you are aiming for
  • Homework and a syllabus for independent study Help whenever you need it

_Course fees can be paid for by bank transfer (due by individual agreement), benefit vouchers (Flexi Pass, Smart Pass, Gift Pass, Ticket Benefits,Ticket Compliments, Ticket Multi, Ticket Academica, Unišek, Cadhoc Gift Voucher, Sodexo Epass), through benefit systems (Benefity, Inc., Cafeteria System, Benefit Plus), gift vouchers (can be requested from reception).